Thursday, January 14, 2010


This was one of my first experiments with off camera lighting.

(Retouched and re-posted)

I re-posted it because I've been playing with a bit of retouching lately.

 I was impressed with the final product.

A two light set up.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

NSW Country Champions

I've been waiting for the medals to arrive and they turned up this week.
This group of girls took out the 16 Women Division 3 NSW Country Championships for the second year in a row.
Of course most of the players are new but it's back to back for me as their coach.
We had a couple of solid victories for the weekend but overall it was a tough comp.
We faced 7 games and took out 6 of them including the grand final.
Well done girls!
Proud of ya'.
And thanks to Lee and PC and all the parents that made it a great weekend.

Click on the image to view it larger girls. :)

NSW Country Champions

The technicalities;
A couple of SB's bounced and a touch of photoshop.



It's late and I can't sleep so I thought I'd blog something.


So here's the weapon of choice for my girls this season.

The mighty Molten GF6.

Without a doubt the best damn ball around!

Under two lights, one left, one right.

Both shot through home made soft box/snoot setups.

I even did a version with a bit of Photoshopping to create kind of an Orton type effect.

Amazing what you do when you are bored and looking for something to shoot, and when sleep
deprivation gets the better of you!


Strobing Basketball

strobe for sports
I finally have the equipment to strobe basketball.
This could be very useful in some of the dark stadiums I've attempted to shoot in.
Even last night at Albury Stadium, which is one of the better lit stadiums around, I found it hard to shoot the first part of the women's game.
The 'tv' lights are never turned on until the news cameras arrive, leaving me with slow shutter speeds.
However, now I have the opportunity to shoot any time in any dimly lit stadium I choose.
The big thing for me is the fact that this shot doesn't even look like flash has been used.
Gotta love Nikon!


Blues in Red

PC applying his trade

After a stressful day of coaching basketball a little relaxation can be the best medicine.

A 'four' string classical guitar started the creative juices flowing.

Cooperation from a friend and coaching co-hort helped even more.

(Thanks PC)...

A couple of extra props, (a bread 'pick' and a glass of
Through the glassred), upped the anti even further.

Blues in Red

Another opportunity arose in the shape of a dusty old piano.

And what prop would suit more than a shot glass full of a dark thirst quenching fluid!

Off camera lighting is something new to me.

I'm beginning to see the advantages after previously despising flash photography, preferring ambient only.

The fun begins!